A Book for Those With and Supporting PTSD and Childhood Trauma

Book Review - No Visible Injuries, Sylvia Clare

It is rare on this newsletter that I recommend anything. When I come across something worth it though I will. No visible injuries is a book that everyone should read.

It is a memoir dedicated to the life of Sylvia Clare and her survival against all the odds. Sylvia grew up with a mother who had NPD ( Narcissistic personality disorder. ) This is the story of her treatment as a child and the resulting PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) she suffered as an adult. This is also a story of love, and how it helped her heal.

When I started reading the book, I told Sylvia I thought the book was a love story. She told me as it went on, it was less of a love story. I have to disagree with her, the love her and her husband has shines through in every page.

I have long thought that love could help heal most hurts and this book supports that. Not that I want to take away from the mammoth mountain Sylvia has climbed, but love supported this process.

This book is also a survival guide, to help others in similar situations. It provides optimism that life can improve and people can heal. This isn’t just a book for survivors though. It is also a guide for those supporting others with PTSD. Whether you are a parent, foster parent or partner this will help you recognise what others go through.

Putting that aside it is also a really good read. The imagery Sylvia uses to tell her story is beautiful in places.

The churchyard has enough tress to create shade. They murmur and whisper in the minimal drafts that float up from the seafront.

The stories are punctuated with her poetry throughout. My personal favourite being the one she writes about her aunt's dementia. For me, it hit a personal note and expressed feelings I have struggled with. Sometimes the poems, say more than the prose. There are times when the writing is so beautiful, you have to remind yourself it is real life.

This is a book that will live with you once you read it. It will provide you with a deep understanding of many conditions, NPD, PTSD and ADHD. It will also help all those that are supporting those with these conditions, to walk in someone else’s shoes for greater understanding.