Free Homeschooling Resources

10 resources to help with homeschooling.

With no end in sight for homeschooling, parents are getting tired which is only expected. Many of you will be juggling jobs, a home, and homeschooling. Schools have been providing a variety of lessons. I applaud my fellow teachers for the extra work they have put in.

There are also many resources available that can help with homeschooling. Here are a collection of ten resources that are valuable to both teachers and parents.

Online Homeschooling Resources

Several websites offer comprehensive help with resources. Whether these are for secondary school or preschool there are sites you can use.

The first is BBC Bitesize. This website has been about for many years and is one of the resources most overlooked. It has information for all subjects and exam boards. The mix of information, video, and questions make it one of the best revision resources.

BBC Educational Videos is another brilliant resource. It has videos on many subjects that can help educate children. There are many videos. There are also resources to help young people cope with stress in these times.

Twinkl is a website the provides worksheets for many levels and subjects. The worksheets are well made and engaging. They offer a free service and there are plenty of resources, without upgrading.

For the younger age group, Little House Kindergarten is an amazing resource. It provides a full curriculum for pre-school children, including worksheets and fun activities.

Top Marks provides a range of curriculum options for all years. Unlike the other sites, it includes some fun online games to allow children to learn.

Open Learn is for the older age group. It provides many educational videos and resources. It also has an extensive free course selection which you can sign up for. The courses are set at a good level and result in a certificate of knowledge. No matter your age, I would suggest checking this out for a course.

YouTube provides many free online videos on all subjects. From learning trigonometry to wiring a plug. With regards to maths education, there is no one better than Mr Heggarty. His videos are easy to understand and include examples to complete.

Finally, for online resources, I will recommend a friend of mine who runs a support service for SEND needs. SEND Talk is a Facebook group for parents and carers of all ages with SEND. This is a friendly group where ideas and support are shared. There is a back catalogue of videos on many subjects. If you don't see the answer to your question, then message the page. Kirsten is an educational professional that cares and will genuinely support you.

Books for Learning

There are two types of book I would recommend for learning at home. Both I have worked with and both are easy to use. For less confident parents, they both provide answers to the questions.

Letts provide a range of books for all subjects and year. The books are well laid out and include assessment exercises. They are brightly coloured and children can mark their answers. Many of the young people I work with show great enthusiasm for moving through the book.

CGP also do an excellent range of revision books for most subjects. A word of caution when buying these, ensure that you buy the book for the correct exam board. A simple search will do this. Again the books are well laid out and deal with the topics in a way most will understand.

Tuition Service

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice the change of branding to this newsletter. Same newsletter, a different name that is all. As a provider of tutoring, I would advise that there are tutors out there who could help educate your child.

When finding the right provider you need to look into this closely. Many people have started marketing themselves as tutors, with no teaching experience. When you look for a tutor, have a clear idea of what you want from this service, do not pay for less.

I would also suggest that you ensure that the person delivering your tutoring has an enhanced DBS. A DBS is a check through a disclosure and baring service. It checks that the person you are hiring has a right to work with children and hasn't got a criminal record. An enhanced level is essential for working with children.

Look for companies who were established before lockdown. These will have the experience to make the lessons valuable. Look for reviews of this service. In this instance cheap is not always best. With regards to education, you get what you paid for. If a person is prepared to tutor for as little as £20 an hour, ensure they are qualified and experienced in education. A good tutor can make all the difference to a young person, a bad tutor can put them off for life.

With these resources, I hope to take some of the pressure of families, in this difficult time. As I have said on previous newsletters, your child is not falling behind, but surviving a pandemic. So are you as parents, give yourself a break when you need it. Stay safe everyone.