The Key to Parenting is Doing it Your Way

If you question if you are a good parent, then you are a great parent.

This weekend I was searching for a post idea and I came across a video from a friend of mine from New Zealand. She is a brilliantly talented artist but has been hit with imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome for those that don’t know is the time you think you are not good enough at something. You shouldn’t count yourself in the same group as others. As a writer, this happens to me often.

The area this happens the most to me though is in parenting. Daily I consider whether I am doing a good enough job for my family. I am sure I am not the only one. We all see pictures and videos of our friends and family smashing life. We wonder if we are doing enough.

My sister is a superwoman. She is a full-time nurse, is homeschooling three kids and this week redecorated her lounge. I don’t know where she gets her energy. I am also grateful because whenever I need her she is always there for me. This week it has been enough of a struggle to get up and look after the kids. Okay, I have been ill, I suppose this week I have an excuse.

If you are working as well as looking after a family you are constantly pulled from one to the other. You feel that you are not doing a good enough job for either part of your life.

Other parents must feel like this too. So here it is. You are all doing an amazing job. We are all surviving strange circumstances. Some of us may have children that need that extra little bit of looking after, due to their needs. Regardless you are all doing a great job. You do you and your family. Don’t worry about what others are doing. You are doing a great job. If one day you can’t manage to homeschool, then don’t. Your children are not falling behind in their education, they are surviving a pandemic. I have used this line a lot and it is true. As a tutor, I know some children refuse to do any online education and even they aren’t falling that far behind. One day won’t matter, hell one week doesn’t matter.

When all this returns to normal, and it will. Teachers can catch your child up. That after all is our job. What we will struggle with is doing this to a child who has deteriorating mental health. Children’s mental health should be our priority. The easiest way to help your child’s mental health is through role modelling. Look after yourselves and make your mental health a priority.

You, my parents, are doing fine. Stop comparing yourself to others and do you. You are enough for your children, even on those bad days when it has all gone wrong.

Stay safe and healthy all.